Tuesday, January 3, 2012


HAPPY NEW YEARS! I've had an action packed break. We had a great Christmas and traveled to Alabama to visit Jim's side of the family. I hope all of you enjoyed your Christmas.

This past weekend we had Bryan and Brandi come into town. It was a great weekend :) What did you for New Years?

Friday night Brandi and I went to Akina :)

Here is a picture of my favorite roll, the TEMPTATION ROLL.

Saturday we relaxed in the sun! It was in the 80's this weekend. Now it's cold again and we get down in the 30's tonight! BURRRR!!!

Here is Brandi enjoying her Blissjito :)

I combined the mojito and citrus bliss and created a blissijto.
Recipe: 1 shot of RUM, sparkling water, mint, and a splash of OJ.

While at Milliania mall last weekend I found some Jimmy Choo multi colored glitter shoes and fell in love. They were $700 and you know my ass would NEVER pay that for a shoe, but guess what?? I found some similar ones at JC PENNYS for $19 :)

I'm really into this multi-colored glitter so I painted my nails to match my shoes.

We rang in the New Year at Bella Collina. It's one of the best New Years I've ever had filled with lots of champagne, dancing, and food :) 3 of my favorites.

The holidays were packed full of calories and now I'm back on the weight watchers train. I made some tuna tar tar and wanted to share this healthy recipe!! It's SO DELISH and EASY!
You can ask your grocery store to give you some sushi grade tuna at the sushi counter.

Dice tuna, cucumber, avocado into tiny pieces. Mix soy sauce, a dash of sugar, sesame seed oil, and rice vinegar. (I also use garlic and ginger) pour over your tuna and serve. It's better than any sushi restaurant.

Yesterday the dogs went to the groomer and got new haircuts for the New Year!

Now it's back to work! I'm going to get organized this year and my first step is color categorizing all my christmas decor. WISH ME LUCK!


sampenner said...

Looks like you had a great NYE weekend! Cute pics lady!



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mikky said...

To get organized is one of my new year`s resolutions too! Love your glittery polish.


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