Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Past 2 weeks

I've had a busy past two weeks. Last week mom and I spent the weekend in the Bahamas at the Atlantis Resort. It's only a 45 minute flight from Orlando so it's a nice quick getaway to paradise. We had a BLAST!

I was shocked to learn mom enjoyed dancing in their night club every night, here we are :)

I've never been a huge gambler until now. I was on a lucky streak and had so much fun playing TOP DOLLAR, Craps, and Roulette. My new favorite game is CRAPS! I spent most my nights gambling and I came home a winner :) (First time to win anything in my life) Mom also doubled her money on the roulette table.

These are just pictures from my Iphone, I still haven't downloaded any from my nice camera. I'm not sure why I can't get motivated to do so. SO To sum mom and I's trip up in one sentence. We ate conch out the wazoo, played in the pool and lazy river during the day, and gambled and danced at night. It was really a great trip and we can't wait to go back.


I hope everyone had a fabulous 4th of July! We had Brandi, Bree, and Bryan in town over the weekend. We relaxed at the pool most of the time. It was my first time to really enjoy the pool with a girlfriend! FINALLY! :) It was so nice to float away the weekend. We had some friends over on Sunday and had a crab/shrimp/crawfish boil and then shot off fireworks. I love FIREWORKS! Other than one of our friends cars almost getting blown up it was a nice light show.

Branid and I did get a chance to break away and enjoy some sushi!!

We toped off the night with dessert and wine at Bella Collina.

Hope to post more pictures but I have so much work to get done I'll have to wait :) We leave for a fishing tournament in the morning to Panama City Beach. This is the first one I've got to go on this year, should be fun! HAPPY WEEK EVERYONE!

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melissa said...

Sounds like a great couple of weeks! I absolutely love the Atlantis - so glad you and your mom had a chance to get away and enjoy it. My family loves to visit the Atlantis. They're going without us right after Blaire is born and I'm so sad to be missing it! Glad you're enjoying your awesome pool too.