Friday, March 25, 2011

Chefs Table & Longboat Key

This week has been BUSY! Were both trying to get ready for our trip and work has been crazy with people coming in and out of town. For some reason I'm more nervous for this trip than ever before. I pray for a safe flight and safe travels for the two of us. I usually don't get anxiety before a trip like Jim does, but the older I get the more I over analyze things for example the French sending fighter jets to Libya or what if Roxy gets eating by a hawk (I know I'm crazy), but enough about that.

This week I wanted to get Bear shaved because next weeks TEMPS are up in the 90' here is Bears last picture of his winter coat :) BYE BYE FUR BALL

HELLO SUMMER :) You can tell he feels so much better.

Tuesday we went down to Longboat Key, FL to look at some properties. This was Roxy's first over night trip and she did GREAT. Isn't it pretty there???? :) I love Longboat Key!

Roxy's 1st time on the beach :) She didn't like the sand on her toes...and that isn't a pink t-shirt...that's her harness.

Yesterday was the first time I got in the pool since the FREEZING winter we had. Roxy enjoyed it as well :)

Last night my sweet mom took me to The Chef's Table for my Birthday present (I will be gone during my b-day)

The food was DELISH and Chef Kevin was so sweet!

Crab cakes with mango avocado salsa

Mushroom Torte :)

Veal Osso Buco

Cajun Scallops and Shrimp on New Orleans Risotto

His dessert was delish! (My new camera lens took this pic! I'm very impressed with it)

Thank you mom! This dinner was unforgettable and the memories will be cherished forever! I love you and thank you!

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Allie said...

Wow, food looks excellent. Can't wait to try it next time I'm in town :)