Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Our Garden

Do you have a garden?

I got this above ground garden for Jim last year for christmas. It's been the BEST gift EVER :) It helps you with weed control and you can add good quality soil for your vegi's. The more we learn about gardening, each vegetable needs different fertilizer and different levels of PH in the soil. They have these at Lowes and HomeDepot. You can start with just one little box and then add on each year. Were trying to go all organic so if anyone has any tips for the Florida beetles please email me!

Our garden has tomatoes, lettuce, asparagus, hot peppers, egg plant, sweet peas, and onions. We are adding on this year and making a seperate box for the zucchini and squash because they take over your whole garden.

This past weekend I added the white gravel. Now we don't have to mow inside the circle :) We already have baby eggplants, asparagus, and hot peppers! I will take pictures soon when it has a little more growth.


Kitchen Belleicious said...

Oh my gosh! how much fun! It is going to be great and you are going to love having your own herbs and veggies. I love it- mine is not nearly as big as yours but it works!

Alicia xoxxo said...

Wow! A garden with actual vegetables!! I am so impressed! I cant even keep my bamboo plant alive!!

Foudroyant Spirits said...

I would love to have a garden like yours!