Wednesday, December 15, 2010

My Christmas Tree & Favorite Decorations :)

I love glass ornaments...i've been collecting them since high-school. Each one is sentimental, like this ring box below. Mom gave it to me when I got engaged.

I love peacock feathers and peacocks on the tree :)

I got these glass grapes while in Tuscany on our Honeymoon.

Mom gave us this one when we got married. Isn't it cute? I love how they have cans hanging off the bumper.

This ornaments reminds me of the ranch life I left back in Oklahoma.

The Bull, which mom got us for the stock market

St. Thomas Parrot, in honor of our recent trip

I also collect nutcrackers

...and pixie elves

I've named him Willy

This is Ms. Pixie

I don't have a card tree so I place them around the mirror

Front door, which I should have took a picture at night. It's pretty when it's dark.

Does it feel like Christmas time to you? For some reason it doesn't for me :( I hope that changes soon.


Lisa Fergus said...

What beautiful decorations! I love the pixies and your tree is beautiful!

AO xoxxo said...

LOVE your decorations! Absolutely beautiful!

I was telling my mom today how beautiful your dining room is and how I love your chairs! She is computer illiterate! She made me promise to show her pics of your place when I come home for Christmas! She will love it as well I am sure! You have great taste!

Allie said...

Your decor is beautiful as always. And you know I have a def fondness for the elves :)

Ryan K said...

Thank you Lisa and Allie!

AO XOXO..Thank you! your so sweet. Have a great time traveling to your moms. You need to give her a lesson on internet and blogs :) Have fun!


jdracecar said...

Oh my GOSH!! I can't believe you have those little elves!! I had them growing up and I thought for some odd reason I was the only one! Love them!! Very pretty decorations! :)

Entertaining Women said...

Your gingerbread post looks like such fun. Where did you live in Oklahoma? I'm in OKC. It's been cold here, and it does indeed feel like Christmas. Hope that you've caught the Christmas spirit by now. Thank you for sharing your charming gingerbread event. Merry Christmas. Cherry Kay