Sunday, December 26, 2010

DIY Glass Bubble Chandelier

I've been to Alabama and leave for Oklahoma in the morning. It's been CRAZY busy and I can't wait to relax after the New Year. I hope 2011 is the greatest year for all of us. I hope everyone enjoyed their Christmas and I hope you all have a SAFE New Years!

I found this project below that is cheap and it looks easy! I've seen light pendants like this ranging from $300 on up. I think I will make this in the New Year for my guest bathroom :) Thought I would share.
Jean Pelle’s instructions to make a chandelier at ReadyMade. (She is the one that came up with the idea)

I got the step by step from the blog below.

The original design for the chandelier used porcelain sockets and coiled string. We used galvanized pipe and IKEA.


Total cost: $70

1. Use scissors to cut the floral wire into 1.5″ lengths, and then bend a small loop.

2. Tie fishing line through the wire loop, and push it into the hole in the glass ball. Now you can hang it.

3. The cords run through the pipe and join at the top.

Is the light off-center over your table? No problem, you can extend it as far as you need. You can also paint it. We like the industrial look.

(Don’t be confused by the change in wall color. Our lease says we can only paint one accent wall per room, so the ceiling and other walls are apartment-beige.)

4. You can see how the lamp cords come out the bottom. Start tying the glass balls to the end of the pipe.

5. Keep adding more until you think you have enough