Monday, November 1, 2010

Halloween Party

The Halloween Party was a BLAST! I had WAY to much fun!! Other than the cops getting called for the loud music everything went well. Thank you everyone for coming! Thanks for the delish food! Kalena made the best damn pumpkin bread and meatballs I have ever eaten! Brandi and Bryan helped me prepare for the party, THANK YOU! I tried to get everyone in their costumes but some people got lucky! Chef Ryan came as a server and his girl friend Dana came as a chef, I'm not sure what Tommy was :) I think their the only ones I don't have a picture of :( Thanks again to EVERYONE that came!

Mom and Joe
DJ Keark did a great job! :)
Us pumpkin girls blew our white boots to shreds from dancing so much.

Bryan defiantly had the best costume...he was Martin the security guard

Baby Bear didn't like the loud music and wasn't to hot about his costume

Mom did a great job on Joe's makeup

B & ME
Mom and JOE
Bryan and Brandi :)

Jim grew hair :)

The Pumpkins

Kalena the VAMPIRE

Jim P

Rose & Mark

Rebecca and her husband

Lenee & Rebecca
Like I said, I had way to much fun....

My wig itched my head off..
Robin and Jim

This sweet couple is Lenee and Clints neighbors

Clint as the Werewolf from Little Red Riding Hood
I've got so many more pictures but I don't have time to post them all :)


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lmc said...

I love that the Auburn game was on in the background!