Tuesday, October 12, 2010

CAFE 118 in Winter Park, FL

CAFE 188

Cafe 118 Degrees is a restaurant with a very unique menu: their entire menu is not only organic and vegetarian but all of their food is also prepared completely raw. They don't use anything processed, which includes soy milk and any soy products. The creamy sauce you see isn't cheese or a milk base. It's blended nuts! It's amazing how creative the chefs are.

Ry's Rating
For my palate I give it a 7..if I were a vegetarian on the raw food movement, it would be a 10!

For our app we order the spiced macadamia hummus with sun-dried tomato flax crackers. The hummus was delish! The flax crackers were packed full of flavor, but had a different texture.

I chose, "THE ITALIAN"

The noodles were raw zucchini and squash, the meatballs were black beans and nuts. This was good for not being REAL. It would have been a 10 if I could have sauteed it, but don't get me wrong it was very good.

Chile Rellenos

This was my least favorite. The peppers were completely raw so the texture was very crispy and spicy. The cream sauce you see is blended nuts. It was a beautiful dish.

When we left we felt great! It was nice knowing we had gotten the weeks vegetables in our diets. If I ever have vegetarian come into town I will take them here. Until then I will probably pass and continue to go to my favorites like Akina and Pio Pio.


Joey Mechelle said...

I've had some amazing raw food, and some not-so-amazing raw food. This stuff looks good.

Frankie said...

This place sounds great! I have been doing the vegetarian thing (by choice) for the past month and am loving experimenting with new recipes.

melissa said...

I love your restaurant posts! I've never heard of Cafe 118 nor have I been to a raw food restaurant. Interesting concept!

I went to Dragonfly Sushi a few weeks after we talked about it. We only had rolls but we liked almost everything we had.

Can you remind me where Pio Pio is? You always talk about how great it is - I have to try it.