Friday, September 17, 2010

I have a confession...

I'm addicted to online shopping. I have NEVER ordered clothing online, it's never been my thing but with all these emails I'm getting with free shipping and 20 % coupons I fell in their hole. Here are some things I've gotten the past month...I promised myself I would stop! I did need some fall temperature stuff...

I fell in love with this dress because of TWITTER! I started following the K-dash clan last week and they kept telling me to go to and look at their fall collection, well I did and i got this.
This is the only peice I paid full price for..well QVC had it on sale but I didn't get free shipping. I think you can wear this in the summer and winter. I will wear mine with sandals on sunny days and leggings on cooler days :) Hopefully it fits perfectly, I haven't received it yet and I needed something with sleeves.

I know, everyone is thinking..WHY BOOTS!? you live in Florida! WELL FYI I wore my boots for 3 months last year. It was very COLD here in central Florida and the temps got down in the 30's. SO I got me some comfortable boots that wont kill my feet. They look better on and are VERY VERY comfty.

I love Boston Proper and they have FINAL CLEARANCE right now! I got all of this stuff below $19...

I had to have a new bathing suit since the pool will be done in a couple of weeks. I plan on wearing bathing suits from now on instead of my tube dresses...this was on final clearance and it looks good on...I think brown goes good with blonde hair. (and I'm only kidding about wearing a bathing suit full time, I only wish)
I LOVE THIS, I go this skirt below before St. Thomas! I wear it all the time and I love how it looks like a dress but you can switch it up with a different colored top anytime you want :) I only wish I could find more skirts like this.

Tulip dress looks good on tan skin, I took it to St. Thomas also..
and that's it!

OH and guess what? I started running on Monday and have stuck with it through the entire week! (which isn't like me)...todays run was the easiest so far and I only hope it gets easier. Wish me luck on sticking with it! I'm VERY determined this time.

OH and one more thing...Remember how I told you we won a chef at the Cancer Society Ball a couple of months ago, well he comes tomorrow :) I will take plenty of pictures.

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melissa said...

OOOO Fun! A chef at your house! Can't wait to see pictures!