Thursday, September 23, 2010

Halloween Labels

First, I wanted to share a picture of puppy Tootie Jane with her werwolf...she wants to be a lobster for Halloween.


I made Halloween stickers from address labels on my computer


1) Go to google images and type in your keyword...I used POISON
2) Save image and paste it on your address label
4) I colored in some of my label with brown shades

I'm also going to make new labels and have them orange. I will stick them on the water bottles for the Halloween Party, it's CHEAP and EASY. Wait, who drinks water at a Halloween party?

Picture of Labels I made (iphone quality)


If you have Martha Stewart's Halloween magazine, you will find a 50% off coupon for her Halloween line at Michael's and Joann's fabrics.

I used my coupon for these wine labels....

Don't they look great!

Another cheap decoration is the spider web, and it makes this chair.

These are all wine bottles except for the spider tonic one, that was a peppermint schapps bottle.


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