Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Nude Wedges

When I moved from Oklahoma I traded in my heels for sandals. I've tried to wear heels and I end up going barefoot the rest of the evening. WELL, I've been looking for some nude shoes and have found the perfect pair! I could run a marathon in them! I'm not exaggerating...they are the most comfortable wedge I have EVER had. Their made of real leather, it's very soft and I promise you wont blister and they even look fabulous with black :)
I wanted to show you what they look like on. They blend in so well they look good with anything. I think these are perfect for the summer and I promise if you get a pair you will thank me later.
If you want to know where I got them email me at rmendell7244@aol.com


Anonymous said...

Very cute and I am all for comfy. I have been in flats mostly these days but wedges pretty safe considering I am the world's biggest klutz, (we are talking falling UP the stairs)! I am thinking my wardrobe could use a nude pair of shoes! xo

Paula Kathlyn said...

Oh, I LOVE LOVE LOVE these!!! Amazing! I wish I could wear heels this tall...I love heels but I am already 5'9 1/2" so when I wear huge wedges I am literally a giant! I tower over everyone!!! They look amazing on you though :-)