Friday, July 23, 2010


I love lemon olive oil! I've been making fresh salad dressings and this goes perfectly in them!

I love BOSTON MED! Last night I cried, it makes me appreciate life a little more when I watch it.

I love these lobster pool toys. I would love to have a couple for our future pool, I think their cute and I can see them floating around for a patio party...A lobster themed party would be cool.

Does anyone else love Rue La La?? I have found some great deals!! :) I just ordered a plush robe that I've seen at the store for $160 and I got it for $25 on Rue La La!


Amy said...

Thanks for mentioning Rue La La! I never heard of it before. Now I'm hooked!

Paula Kathlyn said...

I have never heard of lemon olive oil! I will have to try it- sounds yummy!