Thursday, July 29, 2010


Akina Sushi Bar and Asian Fusion Bistro on Urbanspoon

Ry's Rating 10 STARS!

Akina is located off of Highway 27 in Clermont. It's THE BEST SUSHI I've ever eaten! I've been to a lot of sushi restaurants and by far this one is the best! I crave not only the sushi but their garlic shrimp dish. I've never had a bad meal. It's worth the drive from Orlando.

My favorite roll is the Hanabi's a MUST

They have a new salad dish, marinated baby's very fresh and tasty! :)
(Jim and I have been going to Akina for over 3 years now, we love it so so much)


melissa said...

The rolls in the second picture look AMAZING. Well really, it all looks amazing. Now I'm craving sushi. I wish my husband liked sushi, I'd make him drive out to Clermont with me to try Akina.

Allie said...

I too have had all kinds of sushi from lots of diff places, and this place is THE BEST. Or as Tara said after her first bite, with her eyes rolled back in her head...this is an "experience" and she is right!