Wednesday, June 16, 2010

My Favorite Things

FIRST let me start off and say I wont be leaving my doggies alone while we are away in St. Thomas. Mom told me PEOPLE will think I'm crazy, DON'T JUDGE! We have our good friends staying here with them so they wont be neglected along with the garden and plants!


I was tagged by Allie to show my favorite things in my house :) THANKS ALLIE! HERE THEY ARE! I think this was a great idea because I love seeing everyones diffrent styles!

This is a horn that was made into a fish which belonged to my Papa Tom

This is one of my favorite pictures, it's me on hay when I was a child...reminds me of my ranch days :)

This is a pitcher my mom mosaiced for my has old costume jewelery on it from my great grandmother.

These below are from mom for the wedding also. We used these jeweled wire holders for the wedding cake

This coffee table book is what people signed instead of a guest book for the wedding. It's beautiful photography of seashells (This mosaic vase I LOVE, it came from HomeGoods on clearance)

I got this mosaiced bird with her chicks from a flea market in Misosula Montana

This grape cluster is made of stone, I found this in Florence, Italy while on our honeymoon. I love it just because of that :)
I got this in Orange Beach, AL. I LOVE IT

I love these vases of sea urchins

NOW I TAG Rikki, FOR THE LOVE, and Lynn :)


Trish said...

Hi Ryan! Love your new blog design! So fun and summery. I was loving reading your post and then I came to the picture of your pineapple beverage dispenser and I flipped! It is DIVINE! Where in Orange Beach did you find such a treasure? I would love to have one, you know I am going to be searching high and low now!! xoxox

Allie said...

Thanks for playing! Loved all your stuff.

Montana Lion said...

How fun! I'm glad you still love the bird, what a find! When we come to visit, you better hide that pineapple, I may just try to steal it! I'll take some pics around the house tonight!