Monday, February 22, 2010

Crystal Linear Chandelier and Weekend FINDS

WELL, I finally got it up! I chose this one because it was MUCH cheaper than my favorite and it wasn’t too big to take away from everything else in the room. At first I liked it, and then I hated it, and now I love it. I have added more crystals to it …(since I collect crystal pieces and have TONS of them).

The other pictures are of my weekend finds. I LOVE HOMEGOODS!




I got these roses below for $9.99! I'm not a fan of fake flowers but I SWEAR these look real!


5.5 ft lanterns at Homegoods for $29 for my FUTURE patio! (I may paint them a different color...any ideas?)


Lowes had some flowers for sale, a total of $5.00 to make this pot look pretty again.


Tuscan tree's from a nursery J and I found over the weekend...I'm not sure where I will put these yet.


Hope everyone had a fabulous weekend!


lesli said...

GIRL ~ that chandelier is beautiful! you did such a great job! love all your weekend finds! makes me feel like i went shopping with you=)

Jaclyn said...

Oh....i love those tall evergreen tree/bush things. We put a couple in front of our house. Love them!