Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Ryan’s Journey through the Weight Watcher Cookbook

Me cooking AWAY :)


Last weekend I was flipping through my Weight Watcher Cookbook and figured I would try it out. YES, I’m back on Weight Watchers, 2 weeks to be exact. I made Halibut and it was the best fish I had ever tasted! SO that gave me the idea to blog my way through the Weight Watchers cookbook. I’ve already made 3 dishes, which are all posted on Shopping is our Cardio. I even clip some of my Iphone videos in some of the posts. So thank you Julie & Julia for giving me this wonderful idea, and GIRLS if I rate the dish a 9 or above, PLEASE TRY IT OUT! I promise you wont be sorry!


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for the love said...

I love the plum colored walls in your kitchen - they're gorgeous.

And do you always look so fab when you cook? I'm usually wearing sweatpants & an apron. :) I'm back on the WW bandwagon too, so I look forward to your recipe reviews!