Thursday, January 21, 2010

Cotton Ball Container

First I wanted to say THANK YOU for all my great comments! You helped me decide which one to order, so THANK YOU! I fell in LOVE with #1 also…it was my favorite but after measuring the actual piece and measuring my dining room table, it was HUGE…It would be wonderful for someone that had a big dining room but mine is very small and it would have been WAY to large for the room. SO, I chose #2! I can’t wait to get it up. I will take before and after shots. Thanks again!

Here is a simple idea on a way to add d├ęcor to your bathroom. This piece was my grandmothers; she used to keep cotton balls in it. I sprinkled some sand, a few shells and ta da! CHEAP and EASY. So if your trying to think of ways to decorate with stuff you already have, try this. I know some of you have q-tip glass containers, I think it would be cute with different things in them.


Tomorrow Jim and I leave for a 3 day cruise to the Bahamas. I must go pack!