Thursday, December 3, 2009

Rockwall Christmas Tree Part 1

Rockwall was so much fun. I really had a great trip. Allie’s house is beautiful and so cozy; I really didn’t want to leave. We ate wonderful food and decorated 2 Christmas trees. We hung out with her great friends and family which have become my great friends. It really was an enjoyable trip. Thursday evening is when I arrived and we headed out for cocktails and dinner with the Moffat family. It was so much fun catching up and the food was delish. We ate at a Salvadorian restaurant, I got marinated skirt steak with shrimp and the best rice and beans you could ask for.

Friday we decorated trees all day. Her sweet mom Gay and her Aunt Dee brought us the best chicken pasta dish with a fresh spinach salad, it was YUM! We then talked and laughed the night away.

Saturday Allie had a party and the Moffatt’s and Gerharts headed over. Let’s just say we had WAY TO MUCH FUN! I hadn’t had that much fun in a really long time.
I hated to leave on Sunday, but I know I will be back sooner than later. Thank you ALLIE for everything!

Pictures of the 1st tree

Allie had some really beautiful stuff. Her first tree is traditional with all her sentimental ornaments, isn’t it cute!


This guy below is named Jimmie. I found Jimmie down here in Florida and he told me he really wanted to become a Texan, so what did I do...I took him to Texas to make his dream come true. He really loves his new home. I promise you he wasn't smiling like that in Florida!



This is Gracie Bell, Allie’s sweet dog.


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Allie said...

We share a brain, cause I blogged about this today too. So funny!

I LOVED having you. Thank you for Jimmy and all your help decorating.

Love ya lots.