Wednesday, September 30, 2009


Last Saturday was Kristin's wedding...I wanted to share this good idea for all of you that are engaged and planning a wedding :) They had rented a photo booth that took 6 pictures, she then had a scapbook with all the stickers you could imagine and she wanted each guest to make their own scrapbook page...I thought this was a fun and good idea. Here is a picture of the strip I kept, the other 3 went to Kristin...all I can say is Kristin got mom and I's pumpkin man face, and other crazy poses... :)


Ok, so all that don't know I have started a business and have named it, The Peacock & The need to know this so you don't get confused in the next few paragraphs.


Last year I designed at tree at the Orlando Museum of Arts, Festival of Tree's. This year I'm doing it again, but thought I would design a tree around my business name, I'm calling it..The Pearly Peacock. (More to come on the tree at a later post)

After you design your tree, the museum holds a gala, which is a black tie event to celebrate the opening of the Festival of Tree's, last year I was boring, I wore BLACK. This year I wanted to be a little have a here is my idea and I would like your thoughts!


I found these peacock feather earrings at T. J. Maxx a couple of weeks ago...I HAD TO HAVE THEM..These were the inspiration piece to the outfit...and then I came up with another idea!

See this? This is my wedding dress. You can't really see, but the waist band is pearls! So I thought, what if I went to the seamstress and had it cut off into cocktail length??? It matches the peacock earrings perfectly, and it has pearls on it! (Peacock & The Pearl)...what are your thoughts? I really think it would look great being knee length...I would wear it more. IT's not a traditional wedding dress, and the secret is, it wasn't a wedding dress at all to begin with...
After looking at pictures of my wedding dress, I thought, Have I ever posted pictures of the wedding on my blog?? I don't think I ever have so here they are :)

This is my dad..:)

Here is a quick story..
Jaclyn wanted Jason as her husband so bad...she really tried catching the bouquet, but as you can see my sister ripped it out of her hands....

Everything ended up working out, since Jason caught the garder..they were engaged 2 months really does work...:)


Allie said...

I think you should def wear the wedding dress...and if it's black tie I don't even think you need to shorten it! How cool to be able to say, "I wore my wedding dress more than once!" Yeah for the pearly peacock!

Gay said...

I think you could wear your wedding dress either way, long or cut it's beautiful by the way. Loved looking at your wedding pics.

Melissa @ The Littlest Lobo said...

That is really gutsy to cut off your wedding dress, but I say go for it! But I also agree with Allie, if it's black tie, you wouldn't even have to. I can't wait to see pictures of your tree!