Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Jaclyn & Jason's Visit

Jaclyn and Jason arrived on Saturday, the plans were to grill and relax. The boys were so tied up enjoying cocktails and football Jaclyn and I maned the grill (whats new) and enjoyed some cocktails while doing it.

Jaclyn with the Green Egg

The menu, grilled lobster tails & steaks, with grilled onions, zucchini and squash, and the classic baked potato...it was yum :)

The boys were so busy with the game, we plated and served them

(wow we were nice!)

Sunday was the day to RECOVER and to get ready for KEY WEST, we headed out for sushi that evening...IPHONE PICK BELOW

Monday we headed down to the Keys, a 7 hour drive. I must say it was intense...Jim's driving resembles a bobble head, all I can say is Jason drove back to Orlando, THANK YOU!!

J & J on the card ride down...this was 3 hours into the car ride, I couldn't take pictures 7 hours into the car ride because we were ALL CRABBY PATTIES...

We arrived in Key West around 6, here are some pictures of our hotel.

Picture from our balcony

Below is the hotel bar where Jaclyn enjoyed her FIRST MOJITO..

Jaclyn and her 1st Mojito

Here are some pictures around Key West

Hemingway and the Marlin

Pic of all of us at the Southern most point of the USA...

Our second night we ate at this little restaurant named, La Trattoria. All I can say is AMAZING...Jaclyn emailed me the other morning saying she was dreaming of her crab and lobster ravioli's...I can't talk much about it or I will get depressed and hungry. Here is a picture of my dish,

We tried the escargot for a starter, it was VERY good!


We had a nice fishing trip, other than the extreme HEAT and the storm we went through...the rain drops felt like bullets and I got to see my first rain spout. It was SCARY

We caught grouper and snapper, Jaclyn has all the fish shots, so I'm counting on her to send me over the pictures SOON :) Here we are on the boat.

We had a blast! I have so many more pictures but am having problems getting them onto BLOGGER. Will post more later.

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