Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Our New Camper!

Over the weekend we got a camper for J's hunting lease. It's a 1994 Coachmen Cricket. Mom and I have been watching Design Star on HGTV and both of us thought, HOW FUN WOULD IT BE TO RE DESIGN the camper! So this weekend we played Design Star and our goal was to transform the camper into a rustic lodge...well we didn't get very far. It's a work in progress. We peeled off all the light house wallpaper and added white paintable paper with a rustic texture. This week I'm painting it a brown and the seats are being reupholstered. Before and After pictures will come after the job is complete :)

Pictures of mom and I hanging the textured wall paper


A clean textured look, now I must paint over this :) What color should I choose? Brown, camo green??? ANY THOUGHTS???


Lynn said...

I'll be honest, i'm not much of a camper. (I know big shock, contain yourself!) But I could so get down with one of these! I'm going to give camping a go this fall too, i'm ready to try again. I'm sure it will be better since my dad won't be there refusing to drive me to the showers!! (Please note we had been camping and crawling around in caves for a WEEK when I asked to go to the showers.)

Rajib Hossain said...

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