Wednesday, July 1, 2009

I was bored last night and board+computer=shopping. I found these 2 cute things I had to have on (A cool site I just found). The prices aren't bad! I also found a coupon code for 15% if your a MasterCard holder. If your interested I will email you the coupon! I can't wait to use these little guys! I'm always wishing I had some ice for my wine but hate to water it down with an ice cube, these fish should do the trick, and their reusable!

LAST, MY FAVORITE! Cocktail swizzle sticks! Aren't they the CUTE! They even have little accents like lemon slices! I will let you know if they are cute as the pictures. I get them next week!


sil said...

love the fish ryan!! i can't wait to see the sticks in real life!

Montana Lion said...

The plastic ice cubes are amazing for keeping wine cold! I've got a freezer full of lemon and lime slice ones, not as cute as your fishys, but they do the trick!