Friday, May 8, 2009

My Formal Living Room

Over the weekend I used over 10 cans of spray paint, I think I’m addicted to spray painting our furniture, I must stop! I think getting the tile and picking paints has sparked my decorating bug. I love design; it’s something I want to do when I grow up. Here are the pictures of what I did this weekend. I’m not quite finished, I will explain what I want to do below.


I bought this chair from the owner of the Howey Mansion...The tiny table with the tulips was bought this weekend from a garage sale, and YES I spray painted it black :) The pillows came from TJ MAXX.

$2.00 table

Our coffee table I painted black (I want to stick some zebra fabric underneath the glass and those 3 glass vases your looking at, those are going in my Moroccan kitchen! I was just testing them out in the picture. I love JEWEL TONES!

New Rug (This wasn't cheap) Only thing I splurged on! This feels WONDERFUL beneath your toes!

Not sure if this is in the right place, $10 clearance item..I think I need something larger..we will see.

Antique Italian table I bought last weekend at the farmers market, $20! It's BEAUTIFUL in person! Trojan horse lamp came from the Howey Mansion

See this cute tray, ALLIE gave it to me for my birthday, I plan on sticking some zebra print fabric in the center, THANK YOU ALLIE I LOVE IT!


(KFOO I need your help on making these lighter, I forgot the tips you taught me on my camera! HELP!

When I'm finished with this I will take more picture during the day so you can see the colors. For now, you will have to look at dark photos, I'm sorry.


Allie said...

Gosh it looks SO good. I LOVE it. That big coffee table with the glass looks SO much better black....good call on that! I of course love the tray, it's so you! And that little table is darling, really it was only $2? I can't believe it. Love the trojan lamp also, very cool. Thanks for sharing.

lesli said...

WOW! the black made a huge difference! it all looks so good. I have an idea for my pink table when I get home. which, when will that ever be... hahaha!

ps ~ allie... i have my tray sitting out too! it's so cute!

sil said...

i'm really liking the zebra prints ryan! you should be on hgtv - as the newest member of the design on a dime team!

Ryan Kay said...

ALlie-Thank you! :) AND YES $2!!! I wanted another one but I'm getting WAY to carried away on this spray paint stuff and I held myself back!


Sil-Thank you! That makes my day and THAT would be a DREAM JOB!! :)

KFoo said...

You have to dial down the number with the to let more light in the lens. So switch it to M, and rotate the wheel to the left to a lower number maybe try 80 then snap one, see if the image brightens up.

Ryan Kay said...

Thank you Mr. Kfoo! I will practice tonight

My name is Megan... said...

great job!! it looks awesome!

Kimberly said...

i absolutely LOVE your living room! so warm and inviting! cant wait to see other parts of your home! BLESSINGS!

Chic Runner said...

LOVE your house! I love all the zebra accents and I love that tray, I have looked at it before. Glad I found you via Kelly! Thanks for posting such great pictures :)

Shelley @ My Treasure Hunt said...

Gorgeous! I love the color combinations!

Ryan Kay said...

Thank you girls for your kind comments! :)

Lynn said...

I used to love animal print (esp. zebra) when i was in college. I really can't remember why I got away from it! I think you have inspired me to start working it back into my decor!! Your room looks great!!!