Thursday, May 21, 2009


Have you ever tried to grill? The majority of women out there feel like grilling is for men, well your wrong! It’s quite simple and fun I must add! Allie & I are starting GRILL FRIDAYS. We are self proclaimed foodies, and we want to share with the masses that girls DO GRILL and we do it WELL! Continue to check back for advice, recipes, and pictures! You can join our GIRLS GRILL CLUB by going to and clicking on JOIN THE GRILL CLUB on the right hand bar. You can post this picture below on your own blog to show that you’re a GIRL GRILLER. Summer is near, so break out of your shell and get a grill!

If you have any questions on buying the right grill email us! There are many good ones out there in everyone’s price range. The best steak I ever made was on the Mini $20 Weber! HAPPY GRILLINGS!

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Lynn said...

Happy Memorial Day!! I gave you a bloggie award! Come on by when you get back and pick it up!