Monday, April 6, 2009

Thursday, April 2

This was by far one of the greatest birthdays of my whole 26 years of living. I truly thought that Birthdays got worse as you get older but this year my family really out did it! Love to all of my family and friends, and thank you for making my day so special!

Thursday, April 2:

I woke up drowsy and little did I know I would faint in the shower and bust my lip (night before I cracked my nose open). I’m not sure why this happened, I have a doctor’s appointment next week, but I really thought this day was going to be bad from all the bad luck that had happened…well I was wrong. The minute I stepped outside my room the day turned around in a flash! Mom was all ready and said, “Get in the car!” I’m taking you somewhere…so we hopped in and headed to our little town bakery, Sugar Mamma’s…I have always wanted to throw someone a Moroccan themed party so mom ordered me a dozen cupcakes decorated with Moroccan flowers and colors, they were WONDERFUL! Orange Dreamcicle, Lemon Meringue, and Key Lime! YUMM!

After our short little cupcake trip I walked inside and found this little box from Jim, I opened it and it was this little kayak that a Barbie could fit in…I smiled, he then handed me my card with instructions that read: Go find the clues! Well I searched and search and he had hid a kayak upstairs in his office…I was very surprise and overjoyed! I wanted to go out on the lake RIGHT THEN but we had to head to work.

(Mom and Jim bringing my KAYAK down)

After work I walked in and found a big box decorated in Moroccan, it was my gift from mom, Memaw, and Joe! They got me a birthday pumpkin man, raincoat, she made me a mosaic bracelet that’s darling (It’s in the picture below, birthday pumpkin man is wearing it) and a BIKE! I truly haven’t been this excited since my 16th birthday! Now mom and I can go on bike rides. I should be fit in no time! Thank you Mom, MEMAW, and JOE!

To top the day off we headed to my favorite restaurant, AKINA. We all had some sushi and I got my most favorite dish, garlic shrimp. They even surprised me with a tempura fried cheesecake. THANK GOD I had 4 people to help me eat it or I would have devoured it in 5 seconds, it was DELISH!
(My lip and nose were a little swollen, sorry for the horrible half smiles)

Thank you to everyone that helped make my day great! Brandi-Thank you for my pumpkin man charm! I love him, pictures to come soon! Thank you to all my friends for the sweet birthday wishes! You guys are great and I’m so happy to have you guys in my life!

(The weekend in Longboat Key was GREAT, Jim and I had a wonderful time and the both of us didn’t want to come home. Pictures to come soon)

(I'm not sure why I can't get anyone to smile for a picture..this is the best one I had..ha!)


Allie said...

Yeah for fun birthdays! That sushi looks SO good. Can't wait to go to AKINA when I'm in town.

Montana Lion said...

Happy Birthday!!!!!
THose cupcakes look delicious and the kyak looks like such fun!

sil said...

happy belated birthday ryan! that garlic shrimp looked really tasty and the cupcakes too! i hope the doc is able to let you know what happened.