Thursday, April 23, 2009


Texas was great! I got to meet all of Allie’s family and friends, see her new home, and hang out with all 3 “Fat Chicks” at one time! It was grand! I arrived on a Thursday evening. After Allie picked me up we headed over to LOVE to pick up Mrs. Christina and then off we went to TACO BUENO!

MY favorite all time Mexican fast food restaurant! I swear I dream about this place! After devouring 2 bean burritos the party began, Lesli arrived. I can say we out did ourselves that night and Mrs. Christina knows how to mix a drink! I had been mixing drinks all wrong my whole life.

(Picture of Allie's BEAUTIFUL house!)

Friday morning we got up and headed to Sam Moon, the greatest jewelry warehouse I had ever seen! I MEAN thousands upon thousands of jewelry, bags, scarfs, etc…It was very overwhelming, but I got out of there in once piece. I found some good stuff and I will post what I got later. After my Sam Moon experience we headed to the grocery store. We all wanted to make something for the little get together Allie was throwing. We made grilled onion bacon turkey burgers out on Allie’s miniature grill, sausage and cheese croissants, shrimp toast, pizza squares, crab dip and heavenly fruit dip. It was all wonderful! Then walked in KFOO and Tara, this was the first time meeting all of Allie’s friends and the Moffatt family won me over by KFOO’s mouth watering salsa and guacamole. I knew I was going to be best friends with them J (Lesli and I had drank the whole HUGE jar by day 3.)! I then got to meet Sarah and Holly, they were the sweetest and brought Allie some very cool house warming gifts. She has so many great friends. Then last but not least Angie and Adam arrived with cakes in hand. Angie had made a Four Fat Chicks cake and a Happy Birthday cookie. Both were to DIE FOR and I think that’s the sweetest thing for her to take the time and makes those two cakes for us. I loved them! (I didn’t want to eat our four fat chicks cake because it was so beautiful! She is true talent and I can’t wait to come back to eat more. Check out all her cakes here! Thank you ANGIE!

(Adam, Lesli, and Me holding our B-day cake)

The night was filled with laughs and great conversation, I hated for everyone to leave! (So glad I got to meet them Allie!)

Saturday we went to Candles by Carrol, or Carrols by Candle is the way I like to pronounce it…this is where I found Allies future husband. Allie doesn’t know it yet but in 5 years I think he will be matured and a great candle maker! We won’t talk much about it now but remember this post on their wedding day! I swear these candles are the best! After our candle adventure we went to Pha, one of Allie’s most favorite Vietnamese restaurants, it was great!! Only thing I thought I had transformed into a fire blazing dragon, the angry cock sauce got to me! Before we went home we made a pit stop at the Moffatt family house to see their daughter getting ready for prom. She looked beautiful and it brought back so many memories of when I was in high school. OH how those days are gone!

When we got back to the neighborhood (I swear everyone lives within 1 mile of each other) we went over to Angie and Adams and that’s when I met the cutest kids in the world. Landry showed us her beautiful pink room, she is the sweetest thing! And then the boys showed us their High School Musical dance, ANGIE, ADAM! I think your kids will be famous soon, never have I seen anyone know the lyrics and emotions to a song! I loved their performance! OH and by the way Angie, you don’t need Carols by Candle because your house smelled like heaven, fresh baked cakes! (If Allie marries Carols son maybe you could have a cake scent candle in honor of you!)

We then headed next door to Gays, Allie’s mom. I already loved her because Allie came from her. She gave all us girls Texas shaped chips (no joke), salsa and queso, which by the way is fabulous! (KFOO don’t get your feelings hurt). Her house was gorgeous; she has motivated me to decorate a room in black and white! And it was so nice to finally get to meet her. After touring Gay’s home we headed back to Allie’s house to throw the pork on the grill, little did I know I would burn the hell out of it, but it’s ok. Gay brought Aunt Dee over, I had heard so much about DEE and it was finally great to see her in person. She gave us little baskets full of tissues, finger nail polish, nail files, and bright color wash clothes, it was so nice of her and I’m wearing the polish on my toes! Thank you DEE! The rest of the night we talked and laughed…and Dee let us use her hot tub. AAAH oh I wish I were in that tub right now!

Everyone was so sweet in Rockwall, it was hard to leave! I could keep typing and typing but I know it’s gotten long and I must quit! Thank you to EVERYONE for making my trip wonderful! I LOVE YOU 3 FAT CHICKS!

P.S. GAY, I must have that CRAB ROLL recipe, I’m sorry I ate the whole thing but I couldn’t help myself!

P.S.S. I have more pictures but I would be here all night, I will post more in the days to come!


Allie said...

Perfect description! Thanks for loving my family & friends so much...I always love it when I introduce friends to each other & they instantly click, it seems to confirm OUR friendship even more, ya know? They all love you too. And I'm afraid you're gonna have LOTS of vacationing guests at your house very soon. Miss you, sister...

Gay said...

Come back! Ryan you are a blast. I'm so happy we are friends now.

lesli said...

i look TERRIBLE in that last pic! If y'all are wondering where angie's beautiful cake that ryan felt bad eating, look at my middle section! it went straight to my belly! yummm! our weekend was so fun! miss you, sister!

Tara said...

Ryan you are so sweet and Kevin and I loved getting to know you. We miss you already.