Friday, March 13, 2009

Shells, Sand, and Sun

First, I want to start off and thank god for answering my prayers, my grandmother got her test results back and everything was perfect except for her extremely low thyroid and that can be fixed by medication. Thank you! I was so worried, we’re so lucky to have her!

Second, the beach was wonderful. This is the only place where I can take my mind off of things and truly relax. Mom and I walked 3 hours searching for sea shells; we ended up bringing a basket full home. (If I were a doctor I would prescribe going to the beach and collecting shells for depression.) We found all types, beaded periwinkles, lion paws, sand dollars, and the biggest cockle shells. It was fun seeing mom search for shells since she hasn’t had much beach time in her life, we both were raised on a cattle ranch and the beach was miles away from Oklahoma. Never would we dream of living so close! Hope everyone enjoys their weekend! Spring is around the corner!
Mom and Joe

Mom and I :)


lesli said...

ryan, you look beautiful in that pink! just like a movie star on a photo shoot.

Allie said...

Gosh, that description sounded fabulous! Loved the pictures too. You're so cute.

Ryan Kay said...

I love you girls so much..thank you!

Mandy S said...

yes, you do look fabulous! and tell your wonderful mother we miss her!

Ryan Kay said...

Thank you ALL! Very sweet! :)You made my week!