Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Fire Balls & Clovers

First I want to start off and say HAPPY ST.PATRICKS DAY! I have my green on today, thank goodness for this necklace Mom found years back! I totally forgot about it until I was searching for green this morning. All of us are headed out tonight for corn beef, kraut, and green beer! Hope everyone enjoys their St. Patricks Day!

This past Sunday we went to the Atlantic Coast to watch the space shuttle launch, we made a day out of it. Were lucky enough to have our boat docked in Merritt Island, which borders Kennedy Space Center. We can see NASA from the water. We went fishing before the launch and I caught one puffer fish, and a saltwater catfish…Mom was the winner bringing in the most fish! Joe and Jim caught 1 sea trout a piece, not enough for a fish fry.

The launch went off at 7:42, I must say this was one of the coolest things I have ever experienced. You could hear the shuttle break the sound barrier, it sounded like fireworks multiplied by 10, and we saw the fuel tanks drop. They looked like fireballs falling from the sky. After the shuttle had made it through the atmosphere the cloud streaks turned the colors of the rainbow. It made us all feel proud to be Americans; it’s something you must see before you die. It was AMAZING!

I took these pictures from the boat, enjoy! Only if you could have seen it in person, the pictures don’t do it justice.


(Breaking through the atmosphere)

(The fuel tanks are the 2 little fire balls below the colorful clouds)


sil said...

happy st. patty's to you too ryan!
that take off looked really amazing, and i'm sure it was super cool to see it in person!

Allie said...

Loved your description of the launch....sounds very cool.

And I love your pandora, you're cute!