Thursday, February 19, 2009

I'm like a child waiting for Christmas

I’m sure all of you are growing tired of me talking about my trip but I feel like a kid waiting for Christmas. All 3 of us eat, sleep, and breathe Vegas right now. I’m ready; all I need to do is finish packing! I wanted to share some Vegas photos from last year, just so you can see how fun it will be. I’m not trying to rub it in, I’m just excited!
Thank goodness for SPANX

Brandi and I in front of our ghetto limo...long story

Brandi, Me, and Jaclyn

Here is our cab driver, he ended up shuttling us around all night long. He even came into the night spots and watched out for us, so I started telling people he was my body guard. I really liked him :) He would be my friend if he lived here in FL.

When you go to Vegas, you can tell people you were in Paris

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sil said...

vegas is so much fun, so i can understand the excitement :)
i need to look into going this year!