Tuesday, February 17, 2009


Vegas will be here in less than 1 week! I’m shocked because in less than a couple of days I will finally be meeting my friends I have been chatting with for over 6 months! It’s crazy how you can develop a friendship without even meeting a person face to face. That’s how I met my husband, and now 2 great friends! I have been making a list all morning long of things I need to do before I leave…

TOES must be freshly painted (What color should I choose? Eiffel for this color, or bubble bath?
Tan at least two times to give a pinkish hue to my face (I always look better with a red face for some reason)
Buy a new sticky bra
Get my eyebrows waxed
Find gold heels
Buy 2 sweet cards and hide in our bedroom for J to find while I’m gone
Pack Who’s your Daddy shots
Buy bottle of champagne so I can risk it blowing up in my bag (Should I do this)
(I'm sure this is what our champgane will look like when I open it...the cork will go to the moon)
Drop off and pick up dry cleaning
Pick out outfits so I can pack lightly (Yeah RIGHT)
BRING Ipod (Fingers are crossed our hotel has a dock so we can practice dance moves)
Transfer my shampoo into miniature bottles to save room

Get my camera batteries charged up

Can anyone think of anything else? If so let me know. Can’t WAIT!


sil said...

if you take the bottle put it in a ziploc bag. we took some in our checked bag to vegas last march, and it did not explode in our bag :)

Ryan Kay said...

Thank you SIL!