Saturday, January 3, 2009

Love you Mom!!!

We spent 5 nights with mom this holiday season, it was GREAT!  I got to see all my great aunts, pa pa Tom, and Jaclyn & was a WONDERFUL!  Mom and I have lived apart for over 5 years now and It's wearing on the both of us.  She has her house for sale and I need everyone to put the sale of her home on their vision boards.  If she ever sales it she will be down to Florida and we will be close again!  Love you mom! Thank you for everything, Jim and I really enjoyed our time with you, Memaw, Joe, and Gidgey.

Mom and I are showing off our new  ball scarves we purchased at TJ MAXX for CHEAAAP! :) I love them :) 


Allie said...

Yall are so cute. Yeah for sweet moms!

CDE said...

You look like your mom...super cute!!

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