Thursday, December 4, 2008

Twilight Book Club Questions

Most of us have already finshed the book and I thought it would be fun if we all anwsered these questions. Take your time, some are hard. I was thinking you guys could email me and I would post them for everyone to read. A lot of you have already started the 2nd book. I'm headed to get it tonight :) I heard it's good! The movie was good and JIM even liked it! My anwsers are in red
1) Is the fact that Edward can’t read Bella’s thoughts more important that it seems? Yes, I think she is some how connected to Jacob and the Indian reservation and maybe she is part of the wolves. Do you think it will serve a larger purpose? YES
2) Bella faints at the smell of blood. If she were to become a vampire, how might this serve as a barrier? How might it be an asset? I think she will change if she becomes a Vampire, they say when they first change into one and it’s hard to resist having blood. I think she will crave it like all the others.
3) Is Edward selfishly putting Bella in danger, or is Bella being too stubborn for her own good? Is it a little bit of both? What are the threatening factors facing Bella and are there ways to avoid them? I think it’s a little of both. I think she is already in love with Edward and she will do anything to be with him.
4) Temptation is a major theme in Twilight-more accurately, resisting ones temptations. Discuss the subplot of Carlisle’s job as a doctor in relation to this major theme. How well does he handle temptation? What do you feel would be the most difficult part for him in his role? Why does he remain working as a doctor when the Cullens don’t seem to need income? Carlisle handles temptations very well, but if he didn’t like being a vampire I wonder why he made Edward into one? I think they would need income for gas, the home, etc…right or am I missing something?
5) The Cullens live, act, and care for one another as a family. How much of their ability to do so is dependant on Carlisle’s rule that they live in a manner that contradicts their nature-hunting animals instead of humans? Do you think that they would be able to maintain their bond if they weren’t all committed to his plan? Yes, I think they would keep the bond, they said in Edwards early years he did stray from the animals to humans, and Carlisle forgave Edward. I think one day Carlisle is going to slip
6) Edward saves Bella on more than one occasion, Discuss the different instances and how Bella reacts before she knows what he is and after. Also discuss how Edward reacts after each instance both before and after she learns he is a vampire. I was shocked that she wasn’t more thankful for him saving her from the truck accident in the parking lot, this questions confuses me
7) Alice explains to Bella the theory of how vampires have come to exist. She mentions that most have some memories of the transition and their life prior to it. How does what we learn from James about Alice’s past explain her lack of memory. ?? I’m thinking for this one
8) Once Edward has tasted Bella’s blood, do you think it will be harder to resist-specifically her blood? Yes Will the fact that he is able to control himself make Bella want to be changed into a vampire? Yes Do you think that it is fair of her to ask that of him? Yes Do you think it is fair of him to refuse? Yes, because he loves her and he wants what’s best for her.
9) Jacob Black tells Bella a story about his tribe and the “cold ones”. He doesn’t believe any of it but says his father clearly dislikes the Cullens. If Jacob’s father believes the Cullens are dangerous, why doesn’t he warn Bella or Jacob? Is he hiding a secret of his own? I think they are werewolves
10) Stephanie Meyer has noted that each of the novels in Twilight Saga pays homage to other literary classics. For Twilight, she has said Pride and Prejudice, was the key inspiration. Pride and Justice is often described as a romantic comedy. What parts of Twilight are romantic? What parts are comic? Describe the similarities between Eliszatheb Bennet and Bella Swan, Fitzwilliam Darcy and Edward Cullen. What roles would Bella’s friends play in “remake” of Jane Austen’s classic story? I have never read this, but I don’t think Twilight is comic at all.


CDE said...

Gosh those questions are intense Ryan! I dont want to answer some of them because i am almost done with book #2 and dont want to spoil it...a lot of those questions are answered in the next book. But question #10 was interesting...i read Pride and Prejudice...Darcy is like Edward because they both initially are appalled by the other person (Darcy was appalled at how "low class" Elizabeth's family was and Edward was appalled by Bella's scent)..both of them in the end could not resist the woman, regardless of what was at stake...Bella and Elizabeth are the same in a way, because they are both awkward, and feel out of place in their lives and with thier families...I can see the romantic comedy of it...Bella and Edward joke around with each other a lot..they are always teasing and making each other laugh...i LOVED the movie, but i wish they would have shown a little bit more of the playfulness that Edward and Bella had in the book...

Ryan Kay said...

I agree with you CDE, the movie could have been a little bit more detailed with things. It seems like a lot was missing. There already making the movie "NEW MOON" I can't wait for it to come out, I'm sure it will take years :)

CDE said...

OMG!! i didnt know they started that already! I can't wait!