Monday, November 17, 2008

Patrons Gala

Friday night was a blast. There was food, cocktails, a silent auction and then the viewing of the tree's. Jim won a picnic basket and golf outing at Bella Colina. The tree's went on sell that night. They stay on display and forsale until the week before Thanksgiving. When we got there I was dying to know how much they priced my tree at, Jim and I rushed to my tree and there was a SOLD sign across the price. I got so excited I'm sure I was shinning bright. It was nice to know my tree sold within 5 minutes of the opening. I could go on and on about the exciting night but I will keep it short and sweet. If you have any questions about it post them. For the pictures below, they are horrible. I had my tiny camera that night, my big cannon wouldnt fit into my clutch. There was professional photographers there and I hope to get many more GOOD pictures. For the time being, the grainy pictures are below.


Allie said...

Aaawww, yall looked like a very handsome couple. Yippee for your tree, I knew people would love it. When do you get to find out how much they paid for it?

Ryan Kay said...

Thank you Allie :)

I found out that night, it sold for $1,200.00..I almost had a heart attack..bc in the car driving there I told Jim I would be flattered if it went for $500...It made my weekend :) I also met the head designer of Robb & Stuckey and he loved my tree and I hope to have somthing going on with him in the future, if I get lucky! It would be a dream come true. My fingers are crossed.

T said...

Wow Ry, my fingers are crossed for you too. $1200.00, that is fantastic.

You both look so nice in the pics. Glad you had a nice night.

Ryan Kay said...

THank you T! :)

lesli said...

$1200? holy moley girlfriend! I am so proud of you! I second allie ~ you and jim looked so great at the gala=) love y'all!

Ryan Kay said...

That's what I said Lesli, Holy BEEEEP!! I was sticker shocked all weekend.

Thank you for your kind comment! LOVE YA ALSO!