Monday, November 24, 2008

My Tree & Ornaments

The tree’s finished and I wanted to share some of the stories that went along with some of my ornaments. I have been collecting ornaments ever since I was 12 years old. Every year after Christmas I would have my mom take me to the mall so I could get in on all the 75% Christmas sales. None of my friends understood this; they would be excited about all their new clothes. I was to busy loading up on ornaments and didn’t even have my own tree. I bought them every year and placed them in boxes knowing one day I would have my own tree to decorate.

I have a lot of sentimental ornaments as well. Ones that came from grand parents and my mom, some were from my great aunt who past away quite some time ago and I cherish those the most. I was given 5 pixie elves which were my moms when she was a child, that’s how I got addicted to vintage elves. I was always mesmerized by them when I was young. I received the rest of my collection this year, mom bid on a box of elves on eBay and won. They all set in my tree as I type, I think my collection is up to 24, all different shapes and sizes. I told mom I think I’m set for the elf collection. Mom and I have also started a tradition. Every year we get each other an ornament that resembles what went on in the year. Last year mom framed everyone in the bridal party with gold pearl frames and it was so neat to hang them this year. I have attached a picture of some of them so you can get an idea. I hope everyone is in the Holiday spirit, Thanksgiving is approaching fast!
Now onto the stories....
I got this one in honor of our 1 year anv. trip to Mexico this year
Mom got me this one last year, it's a bug car with cans tied onto the was the year of our wedding :) "The Wedding Car"

(These are just 2 of the bridal party and family frames mom made, I love them)
There of Jim and I

I love pigs as ornaments
Mom got this for me a couple of years back, I love Taco Bueno and it's in honor of that :)

I got this ornament because it reminded me of home..Santa is holding a bale of hay in one hand and a tiny cow in the other

SEASHELL of Mrs. Claus
Seashell Mr. Claus

MOM found this Santa head for under $0.25!! She purchased a million and I got one

I fell in love with this ice grape cluster while in Italy, I bought 2 of them...the EURO was so higher then the dollar I was to cheap to buy anymore, now that I have these I love them and wish I would have gotten a total of 8..oh well :)

Mom got this for me when I started working at SWS stock brokerage firm...she said it's suppose to be a business women :)

Got this seashell ornament this year at OOPS while helping my mom, it was 35 cents! YES I BOUGHT MORE

Got this at Dollar Tree in the year 2000...I was still in high school at the time :)
I love PEACOCKS, we had them on the ranch, so I grew up with them. I think I have a total of 4 peacock ornaments and found these really neat red glittered peacock feathers at TJ MAXX this year, I LOVE THEM.

I also collect snowflakes, and you will see a lot of them around my house. (When I was 18 I was thinking about getting a snowflake tattoo...but I chickened out)

Not many people know this but I was an ice skater in my early childhood years.

I'm sure everyone is bored now by seeing so many ornament pics, if you enjoyed it that makes me happy because it literally took 2 days to load all these pictures up.


CDE said...

your tree looks FAB!! thanks for yoru sweet comments on my blog, i look forwarding to meeting you as well! I am off to buy the book friend said she read it in 2 days...can't wait!

Allie said...

I LOVED looking at them and the stories made me SO much better.

Anonymous said...

What memories...oh the sea of memories...I love all those ornaments, they are just little memories that YOU hang on the tree.
The magic of Chirstmas.
LOVE you tree this year.

Allie's Mom said...

Gosh Ryan, I loved seeing your favorite ornaments and hearing all the stories. Our family also exchange ornaments every year. Allie & Angie have been getting ornaments the first weekend in Dec. for many many that they now fill their tree instead of mine :( but that was the point when I started buying them. Sorry it took so long to download the pics but they were definitely worth it.