Thursday, October 16, 2008


I'm sitting at the airport as I type waiting on our flight.  We have been up since 4 EASTERN TIME, for all my central time zone friends, it was 3 and I was thinking how nice it was for all of you to be sleeping snug as a bug in your beds.  St. Thomas has a hurricane over it right now...I guess someone didn't want us to go and guided us to Mexico instead.  So now I will be getting margarita's and authentic Mexican cuisine.  

My mom is still in the hospital and I can't wait to talk to her before I leave.  She was knocked out all day yesterday and I pray she gets to go home today.  Thanks again for all your thoughts and prayers.  I will be headed to help her in 6 days, I'm sure my company will get her well in know time. 

Please wish me luck in the air today.

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Mandy S said...

hope you made it safe!! you've had some crazy luck lately!! all for a good reason i'm sure! :) glad to hear your mom is doing well...i'm so sad. she discharged from the hospital earlier than they told me she'd leave and i didn't make it up to see her! i Feel SO bad! i wanted to see her! wish her well! :)