Thursday, October 2, 2008

I’m one of those girls that won’t eat an oyster unless there is the letter “R” in the month. Jim told me he almost died from an oyster. I think of this every time I stick one in my mouth. Since it’s now October I feel like it’s safe for me to start up my oyster addiction again. It’s been 6 months since I slurped one down, and tonight is my night. OH, I’m picturing it right now, an ice cold oyster with a scoop of cocktail sauce and an extra shred of horse radish on top…the best!

Lori and I are going out for our "Girls Dinner", we try to do this at least twice a month. I chose Cody Jacks, a very laid-back seafood house that reminds me of a shack. They give you beer in mason jars, which I love and fresh oysters in iced down buckets. The last time I went in they had a miniature pig in a ballerina tutu walking around and eating everyone’s crumbs. I was inches away from taking him home.

Enjoy your night, and I will enjoy mine. Oyster’s look out, here I come!


Allie said...

Yum, love me some oysters, I think they are mostly farm raised now and are safe even in the hot months...but just think if you follow that R rule, you missed out on a whole month you could have been eating them...septembeR, haha.

Have fun tonight.

T said...

Sorry Ry, this is one time I can't agree with you, :), Yuk, I hate oysters. But, my hubby would be jealous, he love's oysters, I will make sure he looks at the picture you posted and drools for awhile. LOL.

Have fun tonight!