Tuesday, September 23, 2008

October-A Fun Filled Month with Marlin's & Friends

This October is actioned packed. We have so many exciting things going on I can't wait!

(Bryan and Jim holding there catch from the Orange Beach Fishing Tourney)

The first weekend in October, which is next week, we have Brandi and Bryan coming down to visit! The boys will play golf, and us girls will think of something fabulous to do! We will grill out and drink red wine, we will take them to Jim and I's favorite restaraunt! I have already started downloading the hot new songs that are out so Brandi and I can blast the surround sound all weekend long. Sorry boys, that's what we do. We also plan to take the boat out, so I'm on the lookout for a tube that fits 2 girls on it. I will check Bass Pro, if anyone knows where to buy a big tube for water tubing, post it for me.

(Doesn't this tube above look amazing! This is the one I want...It just looks a little dangerous to me, naaah I better not, Jim would kill me with his driving)

Skip to the week of the 16th, Jim and I are off to St. Thomas! We are celebrating our 1 year anniversary on the island, we have an exciting fishing trip planned on the boat named the Marlin Prince. I hope to catch the world record Marlin that week. I have a feeling that the Marlin Prince will take me to the King Marlin, we will see! I have never been to St. Thomas so if anyone has any tips or great places to see, please let me know.
(The marlin below is hopefully the one I will catch, don't worry Marlin, I will release you)

The week after were back we have Jaclyn & Jason coming in from Oklahoma. We love them so much and are excited to have them back! It's been a year since they have been to our home so we have many exciting things planned. We are going bottom fishing, October is the month to catch grouper and snapper, which are wonderful fish to eat, so I will get to load our freezer up with fresh fish. We also have tickets for Universal Studios Halloween Horror Nights. They turn each studio into a haunted house. It's amazing in a creepy way. I'm not sure why I love being scared, but I always have a ball.
(Picture's below are 2 spook houses of Halloween Horror Nights)

So the fall is already off to a great start. November will be here before we know it. My tree festival is in November, and we will be having family over to our house this year for Thanksgiving. I'm breaking the Green Egg out to smoke our turkey. It should be yummy.

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