Monday, September 15, 2008

Mom's Always Have Anwsers

An E-mail from my Mom:

September 12, 2008

Dear Ryan,

I know why you are obsessed with is all my fault and your beloved Grandparents, I too have and had an obsession with them.
A year after you were born, I had a beautiful garden, and for some reason I planted more pumpkins than any other vegetable or crop, for I had this picture in my mind that for Fall I would fill the back steps with orange pumpkins. I took great and wonderful care of them and grew over a 100 or more of them. The garden was a sea of orange. I sold a few and gave a lot away. My Aunt Hazel who was a master gardener told me that was the BEST PUMPKIN patch she has EVER saw and all the pumpkins were perfect no scratches or marks on their skin, just perfect specimens. I had my beautiful pumpkins line the steps of the old farm house, it would have been a postcard for fall. On YOUR first Halloween we dressed you as a Pumpkin and do you know why? Because your MeMe and PawPaw called YOU pumpkin all the time...all the time.

If you LOOK hard in the photo's I gave you, YOU can see the little pumpkin baby Ryan all dressed up as a pumpkin by the pumpkins I grew. Also I had a rule during Halloween it would not be gory or scary during could only be pumpkins. So this has been instilled in you as a young child. LOOK for that picture, I think it is in the pink homemade album with the bear on it...Let me know if you find it. This explains why you are the Pumpkin Moon Maid and rule all the Pumpkin People.he he ;) this is for real... and we would bake all the seeds and eat them... you have a lot of pumpkin DNA in your blood...



Thank you mom :)


T said...

Ha Ha, I love that! What a wonderful note from your mom with a great explanation of your love for pumpkins. Great Kiddie pictures too!
Hope you had a nice weekend with the girls.

Allie said...

OMG, I love that story! So fun. I wish I had some of her pumpkins for my porch!

Ryan Kay said...

Thank you ladies! T, I did have a great time, it's always fun to have girl time..and ALLIE I think I'm going to start a pumpkin patch next year so I can do this with my stairs, maybe you should do the same, they are easy to start from the seeds.

Mandy S said...

awwwww....that was so great!! what a lovely note from your wonderful mom!!