Tuesday, September 30, 2008


It’s been 1 year this month since I stepped foot onto foreign soil for the first time. I can’t believe how fast a year fly’s by. Italy was magnificent. I swear I was supposed to live in Rome, it’s my city. The food is delectable and fresh without preservatives we use here. Fresh breads, cheeses, and meats line the streets. The smell of harvested grapes fills the air, it’s amazing. I also used to hate olives until I had a fresh plump green one stuff with mozzarella and garlic. Every time I stick an olive in my mouth, I think of that cool crisp October day when we ate dinner outside beneath the Spanish Steps. You really don’t realize how lucky you are until you get home. Italy, I will be back, just give me some time. Until then, I will look at my pictures and relive those incredible moments.

(Street artist drawing a portrait of Jim and I)

(Venice birds love food)

(The only time we took a Gondola ride, the picture didn't turn out)..I didn't have my nice camera yet..
(Ancient Rome)

(Tivili..A small town on top of a mountain about an hour north of Rome)


(Dinner in ROME...They have about 5 courses per meal..my type of dining)

AND they really do eat pasta every day!


lesli said...

that looks gorgeous! what a fantastic trip! it's so hard to believe that the first year has come and gone!

Allie said...

your trip sounds fabulous

T said...

Wow, That looked like some trip! I would love to go to Italy.
You have made me crave Italian for supper now, but I know it wouldn't compare to the real deal!

Ryan Kay said...

Girls-It was fabulous! I wish I were there right now...T.I hate to break the news but I like our PREGO in a jar better then the real deal..ALSO all the cab drivers there said they loved our Pizza here in the US..it's diffrent in Italy :)