Monday, September 22, 2008

A Corn Chip Crime

(Bear's Leopard Print Bed)

Today while leaving to work I went through my morning routine.  Bear likes to sleep in until the last minute so in his normal state, he was cuddled up on his favorite bed, well I thought it was his favorite bed.  

Everyday he walks me to the door, and then sits there like he is so so sad I'm leaving and watches me drive out the driveway.  Well, today I forgot my phone so I had to come back and I caught him laying in my bed, with his head on my pillow.  I took the picture while he was yawning, I guess he was still tired since his mama has to get up early and go to work and she gets him up to early every morning.  

Now everything makes sense, every night I think I smell corn chips, and I'm like, geez that dog stinks, well no wonder! He uses my pillow every morning for his daily naps.  I'm sure that's what all the dogs do while I'm gone.  Now they have lost the privilege of the door being open in my room, I guess the cold kitchen tile will have to do.  AND the thought of me sleeping on that corn chip smell makes me sick, thank god I wash my sheets weekly, or it would have smelled like a corn chip factory in there.

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lesli said...

STINKER! that is so funny that you busted him right in the act! lola has been piled up in our clean laundry. i guess the next best thing to actually having mommy and daddy home is sleeping in their scent. ha!