Friday, August 1, 2008

Thing's from the SEA

The Starfish 

Last year while in Orange Beach I fell in love with this silver starfish necklace, I didn't buy it.  I have been thinking of this necklace ever since.  Our wedding symbol is the starfish.  I will give you the short version story of how the Starfish got to be the symbol of our wedding.  1) We were married on the beach and I had decorated with real starfish, they were everywhere 2) I gave a starfish to each of our wedding guests with rock candy tied around it the colors of the ocean. 3) While on our honey moon we found a starfish laying on the Spanish Steps in Rome, Italy..NO JOKE I swear it was a sign! So every time I see a starfish I think of us.  While browsing the stores this week I found the necklace I wanted last year! I bought it and have been wearing it everyday! I love it!

The Ruby Red Shrimp

I have become addicted to Alabama's Ruby Red.  They are huge, delicious, and I have ate my weight in them.  I just ate my last one for breakfast.  

My Favorite thing for Breakfast

This is what Jim and I eat most weekends for breakfast.  I have been eating this and shrimp all week.  I might turn into a mermaid shortly.  


You will need a toasted bagel, smoked salmon, cream cheese, capers, and onions.  It's simple and delicious! :) 


Mandy S said...

i LOVE the starfish necklace!!!

lesli said...

can i crash your next trip? i don't love shrimp, but i'll always try=) your new necklace is darling. i love sentimental value pieces.