Monday, August 4, 2008

Pumpkin Man Must Be on The Brain

I got a call from my mom and she has gotten 2 more pumpkin men! They are adorable!  Love you mom!  Wish you were closer :(

P.S. Please pray for my mom and Angel, Angel has been our dog since my childhood...she is at least 17 years old and her age is wearing on her.  I hope the vet can help.  She is a great doggy and was a mom to Bear.  I love her so much!  


Allie said...

Love em!

lesli said...

i've gotta say... pumpkin man is def growing on me and getting cuter by the minute!

i have NOT eaten at bueno yet, but have been to taco cabana and freebirds and on the border=) i'll be so fat by the time i leave!


Jess said...

bob i am addicted now. guess i can put down the crack pipe and shut my meth lab down now!