Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Summer Days inside watching Cold Alaskan Fishing

Tonight the all new Deadliest Catch comes on for the 4th season. This show intrigues me, they work so hard and the seas are so brutal. I can’t imagine working on a boat in 40 foot seas. While we were on our fishing trip a couple of months ago the seas got up to 5 foot and I thought it was my last minutes of being alive on earth. Fisherman live a different life, they dedicate their whole lives to being on the water. The old fisherman tales have been past down from generation to generation, there are so many superstitions and rules they have to go by I would like to know all of them. I want to know why you can’t have a banana on the boat, or why can’t you name your boat after an older boat. All have been practiced for years, and every fisherman out there believes in karma.

I LOVE to eat king crab legs. There is nothing like breaking into a fresh cold crab leg and dipping it in warm garlic butter. MAN, I’m starving now. It's on my top 10 list.

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