Sunday, July 27, 2008

Sea Legs

The week changed in a blink of an eye.  The plan was to drop Jim off at the docks, and I come back to the hotel and relax by myself.  Well, I got roped into going.  So I went from being in the car for 9 hours to being on a boat for 2 1/2 days.  We caught fish, we saw one of the largest Blue Marlins of our lives, at least 1000 pounds, she played with our baits but to her they looked like little boogers.  She was huge.  

I will give you some high lights of the weekend

First we were 170 miles out in 9,000 feet of water.  The steering went out on the boat, one of the generators blew the A.C. out, storms were surrounding us the second night and a lighting bolt hit about 10 feet from us.  I kept thinking to myself, damn, I could be laying on the beach all by myself right now, instead I'm stuck on a boat 170 miles off shore.  To make the story short, I did enjoy myself...I caught aWahoo and we will eat it this week.  I also got to see tons of beautiful dolphins and sea turtles.  It's amazing to see dolphins in the wild, there was even a baby swimming with it's mother.  I took some pictures and will post later in the week.

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Mandy S said...

wow! sounds like a cool and crazy trip!! can't wait to see pictures!