Saturday, July 19, 2008

Oh My!

I just made a fabulous dinner.  Chilean sea bass, tereakyi noodles, and asparagus.  It was so good I ate 1/2 pound of fish and now I'm regretting it.  The sea bass is so rich you probably should only eat 1/4 pound.  I have been hanging out in the bathroom on the floor.  I swear I was going to puke.  Now my taste buds are screwed up and I probably won't ever eat sea bass again.  It's like when your young and you drink hot damn (A red hot liquor) for the first time, and you drink so much you get sick off of it and you never touch it again.  That's what I have done but with only fish, not alcohol.  I know, that sounds sad doesn't it.

I also made's Orange Marmalade Cake...I also tried some of this before my meal.  Probably why I'm feeling even more sick.  It's WONDERFUL!  Now I can't even think about eating it.  All the hard work for nothing.

OH and when I was buying the ingredients for my cake, I dropped a can of butter spray (HEAVY from the top shelf) on my toe, it split my toe open and I swear it's broken.  I had to use napkins from the sample ladies at the end of the food aisles.  Isn't that nice, grocery shopping and you come across this girl bleeding.  I know...GROSS!  Now my little toe is swollen and I know I can't do anything for a broken toe.  Guess I will drink some wine or a blue seven.  

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Allie said...

your poor little toe! Tell me about those noodles...sound very interesting!