Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Icy Cold Dreams in the Hot Summer Days

I glided right into work this morning, thank you Coldplay. We have someone coming out tonight to give us an estimate on a pool. We aren’t getting one anytime soon but would like to know the prices so we can have a goal. I have always wanted a pool and if we were to ever get one, I would be in hog heaven. Every time I go outside in the sticky heat I imagine myself jumping into an ice cold pool. I have a vision of what I want. Last night while grilling I pretended it was there. If we had one I swear I would eat dinner every night outside in front of it. I would get tiki torches, a table with an umbrella, I would string lights up and have citronella candles, it would be my little paradise. For now I will dream, but maybe one day in the future I will blog about the progress of the building of our pool. Who knows? :)

1 comment:

lesli said...

a divine pool and the egg grill... can i come visit?