Friday, May 16, 2008

Thank God I'm Home

I have been traveling ever since early this morning.  It took exactly 11 hours from hotel to our front door step.  The older I get the less I like to fly.  First it takes all day.  Second I hate the sick people coughing your way, for some reason I get grossed out and start thinking that their germs can't escape so there lingering all around me.  

Vegas was fun but a lot of hard work.  My feet are bruised and my clock is screwed up.  I know 3 hours isn't that big of deal, but I swear it takes a toll on me.  It took me 4 days to get used to Vegas time and on the 5th day I headed home, so now I have to get use to my Florida time again.  

I'm happy to be home and I look forward to picking my fluff ball of a son up tomorrow.  I have missed the doggies and I cant wait to snuggle with my baby Bear!  Bear will no longer be a fluff puff, we had him shaved for the summer, I will take pictures.  When he is shaved he resembles an over sized Chihuahua.  


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lesli said...

welcome home sister! i totally agree with the 3 hours difference! time changes are hard!