Thursday, May 1, 2008

May, May be Hectic

The month of May is so action packed I’m not sure where I will do my laundry and pack enough stuff to last me. Bear is going to be so mad at his momma. This weekend is the weekend to get everything done around the house. I have to get my dress altered for Jaclyn’s wedding, find someone to water my garden and flowers, buy a new suit for the tradeshow, and the list goes on and on. We leave to Oklahoma next Wednesday for Jaclyn’s wedding. Its always nice going back home, but this time will be stressful. Wedding’s are always full of getting things done on the last minute, and I will be seeing a lot of high school friends, of which none of them have changed...except for most of them having babies, gotten married, divorced, or cheated on. Small town drama, it still goes on and now since they haven’t seen me in years, I will be the talk of the town, or at least until someone else gets cheated on or gives birth. I’m not sure why people in a small town act like they can’t get out, they always date in the same circle of friends, so by the time 5 years have past everyone has slept with everyone, it’s horrible, and I’m so glad that Jaclyn and I have gotten out of that place. We arrive on Wednesday and the last minute shenanigans begin. Jaclyn and I always have a great time together, someone could stick us in a box out in the middle of no where and we would still manage to have fun. The boys have a fishing trip on Skiatook Lake Thursday, Jim’s sure is excited, he’s ready to catch sum bass and catfish. The wedding is on Saturday night at a place called Wooloroc, it’s a wild life preserve, a rustic lodge, muesuem, and a place where buffalo roam. There is an art muesum with famous art sculptures and paintings; it’s a neat place to go if you’re ever in the town of Bartlesville. That night we get to stay in the Price Tower which is a high-rise that Frank Loyd Wright designed. The next morning my mom will pick us up and we will head to Eggbert’s and have a mother’s day breakfast. Eggberts will be the only thing open at the time, our plane leaves at 10 and Bartlesville is a good 2 hours a way so we will be on a tight time schedule.

Picture of a room at the Price Tower in Bartnesville, OK

Our next stop Las Vegas! For the World Money Show…we will be in Vegas until May 16. The nights are fun since it will be full of gambling and great food. It’s going to be a long week though; I hate standing in a booth for 9 hours straight. I complain about the trade shows but at least I get to travel and not set here at the desk all day. It will be a good time.

And last but not least, Jim's first Marlin tournment, which is a big deal. Its the last weekend in May, and its in Orange Beach, AL. I love Orange Beach, its white sands, and they have awesome shopping! YEA! :)

Orange Beach, Alabama


lesli said...

girl i'm dying to go to vegas and JUST to eat=) could not care less about the gambling, but you know me and food! also - can i meet you in orange beach! lucky beach girl!

Ryan Kay said...

Lesli, I go for the food..not to gamble..Jim is the gambler..I do like to play a little 3 card poker but if Im not winning Im sick! I would rather spend my money on somthing else. You would have a blast with us in Orange Beach, your more than welcome to come down for any tournment, they are great fun! But I do have to say, you might not want to go home. Poor J would have to move on or move down..Just kidding! :)