Tuesday, May 20, 2008


I finally got my hair highlighted today!  I'm embarrassed to admit, but it has been since early Feb since I have gotten in done.  I was LONG over due and it feels SO SO much better to have it fixed.  I have been holding out since I have been using a hairdresser in Tallahassee, FL.  I know, it's 4 hours away but she was great and my wonderful friend Brandi uses her and her hair is FABULOUS!  

Well, you know that morning when you wake up and you look at yourself and it's time.  I did that yesterday morning,  I woke up and looked at myself, I was shocked I have let it go for so long and I couldn't wait any longer...I called a couple of places on my way into work and someone was nice enough to get me in today...She did a great job.  At least this will hold me over until I get back up to my Brandi and hairdresser.  

I dedicated my day to beauty.  Before my hair cut I bought a new scale...I think my scale had bit the dust since every time I weigh in on it, it changes 10 pounds.  I couldn't take it any longer.  I also bought a bath pillow.  I have started taking nightly baths to relax.  I can't explain it but when I take a HOT bath before bed, it makes me feel so relaxed I fall right to sleep like a baby.  So I bought a pillow to rest my head in luxury instead of laying it on the hard tile surface.

Well, I'm off to the bath, I will let you know how my pillow works.  :)    

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