Monday, April 14, 2008

Viva La Dallas

The trip to Dallas was fabulous, there were 8 of us girls and amazingly we all were on the same page…usually when you get a lot of women together you have personalities clashing, we got lucky. It was Jaclyn’s bachelorette weekend so to set the mood we ate at Dicks Last Resort, pictured below.

A restaurant with smart ass staff, a menu posted on the ceiling and a rude hostess…It was hard for me to tip our waitress after she had thrown down our silverware and meal, but I was told you go for the experience. It wasn’t my cup of tea but at least they made Jaclyn a paper hat that had some comment about getting married on it. We all were wearing pink shirts that read, “Bachelorette Party” Jaclyn had a checklist shirt that had tasks for her to complete before we went home. She did a good job, we were home and in bed by 1:30.

On Saturday we lounged by the pool before dinner, we chose to eat at Sambuca which was a step up from Dicks Last Resort. (picture on the left) I had pepper crusted scallops with asparagus ends that laid upon a risotto patty. It was delicous. After dinner we went to Ghost Bar which is on the top floor of the W Hotel. It was an amazing view and we enjoyed our time there. We finished up with a night cap at Clear, a bar that was decorated in nothing but whites, amost like ice, it was a dance club and after being there for an hour I realized how happy I am being married.

It was an amazing time and I look forward to Jaclyn's wedding in May. It's alway nice having girl time, but I was excited to be back with my husband.

P.S. I will post pictures when I get them loaded.

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